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Local support for local people…



We provide full english technical after sale support for all our customers in Ireland, Northen Ireland, UK , and Scotland by e-mail and phone who bought cnc machine straight from




Technical support include :

– Warranty claims. (email/phone service)

– Fault finding & Problem solving. (email/phone service)

Technical after sale support is NOT cover the following services:

– Maintenance cost(s).*

– Call-out fee(s).*

– Repairing fee(s).*

*All services are “pre” pay services.


Designing services…




-Desing services are available from as low as 65,-€/files.


2000px-Coat_of_arms_of_Ireland.svg  Névtelen  harp  Harp on chop board

*Please note, -selling prices are does NOT cover design services costs.

We provide this opportunity as an independent service.

About Designing services and prices please contact us.


Maintenance & Repairing services…





-To keep your business run smooth, maintenance services recommended 1-2 times annually for your CNC machines.

Machines under 8×4″ yearly once.

Machines above 8×4″ yearly twice.

About maintenance fees, please contact.*


*Please note:

The warranty does not cover:

– Defects caused by improper use or natural wear and tear.

– Any action that is not done by the manufacturer.

– The maintenance cost(s).

– Call-out fee(s).

– Repairing fee(s).

We provide this opportunity as an independent service.

*Please read warranty section about more detail.

About prices please contact us.






– Free training available for all our cnc machines in Ireland.

(3-4 hours free training provided for cnc machines, what bought direcly from

-Extra trainning lessions, over the free trainning also possible.

*This opportunity as an independent service.

About training details & prices please contact.

Software usage tutorials are available online.

Mach3 :

PDF files can be downloaded from here :


Mach3 G codes

Mach3 M codes


Thank you.


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