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Decoration Files for Cnc Machines.


horse head wood  Horse Head s  horse head sample gray


Two distinct applications for
GrayGraphics artwork:

• Production ready grayscale & Stl files
that are sent directly to your 3D
capable Laser Engraver & CNC Router

• Grayscale files that can be input
to g-code generators for CNC

Before you purchase any grayscale artwork, make sure that your system is 3D capable and that you’re pleased with the results. For that just copy grayscale sample files onto your computer, and print with your cnc.

*Images shown are at reduced size and resolution.
Original Images are proportionately larger and are further scalable by 50% – 200% or more.
Original files are free of watermarks.*


For 3D CNC Machines :


Copy grayscale picture from website and save it.

Open with Cut3D or Vectric Aspire :

File>Import bitmap (where you saved)

And then

Model>Create component from selected bitmap.

If necessary , then scale Z hight.

Model>Scale Z Hight.


Open with bmp2cnc :

Open jpg/bmp files> set position>set depth-Z hight.

It is so simple like that !


Prices : From only 10 euro/file.



*100 files free when you buy your Cnc machine here.
*Please ask your free files after buy.


Any question please feel free to contact me .

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